A new level of security in cellular networks. High data protection. Development of complex systems for your protection in the cyber era. Consulting and service support to protect against modern threats of cybersecurity.

Защита от прослушки в 2G 3G 4G

SafeMob Desktop

Hardware-software complex for detecting the operation of active listening systems or information removal in cellular networks and timely user notification. Works effectively with different mobile operators for GSM, UMTS and LTE technologies.
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Защита от прослушки в мобильной сети для автомобиля

SafeMob Auto

Hardware-software complex for mobile protection in cellular networks GSM, UMTS and LTE standards. Identifying the facts of interference in the work of mobile operators. It can be installed both permanently and in a vehicle.
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Безопасность мобильного телефона

SafeMob Android

Software for mobile phones running the Android operating system, which allows to detect the operation of active systems (version for detecting interference with mobile operators for the purpose of “wiretapping” or locating the phone).
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Автоматическая смена ИМЕИ на телефоне


Mobile phones running Android operating system with the function of changing IMEI. This function together with other our products allows you to keep anonymity in the cellular networks of mobile operators. In addition, the product “SafeMob Android” can be installed.
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Customer Services and Customer Support


Cellular networks protection

Mobile network security consultation for effective protection against wiretapping, geolocation disclosure and deanonimization.


Cyber Analytics

The optimal collection of analytical data services for information security management.


Security Evaluation

Various aspects of information security work. A comprehensive analysis of the entire IT security of the company.


Network Security

Perimeter security and network security consultation. Opportunities to increase your own protection and focus on your business.

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Cyber-future, where people have a place - we create your security in the modern world.

System creation for guaranteeing security in the modern world. Use of advanced technologies and software solutions to create integrated protection in cellular mobile networks, preserve anonymity in the Internet space, ensure the preservation of personal and corporate data.

We provide consulting and service support in the field of cybersecurity, which identify the shortcomings of protection and assess the possible consequences of their operation.

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Руководитель по защите в сотовых сетях

Konyakin Artem


A skilled leader and entrepreneur who is the successful owner of several companies. Actively develops the growths in the field of innovative technologies, large data sets processing and situational analytics.
Защита абонентов мобильных операторов

Hadzhinov Maxim

Technical Director

Engaged in management and experimenting with the latest business ideas and strategies. He has experience of participating in innovative projects and creating successful working teams, promoting products in the Ukrainian and foreign markets.
Безопасность в сотовых сетях GSM LTE UMTS

Khodunov Artem

Commercial Director

Engaged in sales management, procurement, marketing of the company and strategy development for company growth. Directly responsible for the recruitment quality and employees skills improvement.


Cyber-future, where people have a place!

Consulting and service support in the field of information security.

Software and hardware product development for detection, neutralization and protection against modern threats of global security.


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