Автоматическая смена ИМЕИ на телефоне

Wirecom Free-IMEI - anonymity and privacy in cellular networks

Possibility to preserve anonymity and privacy in cellular networks. An irreplaceable tool to ensure your smartphone security.

The Free-IMEI product is provided with a mobile phone to add an additional security guarantee in the cellular network. Additional products can be included to the set upon customer request.
The main function of the product is to protect mobile phone’s personal identifiers, which later on can be used to gain access to the information on the mobile device, or to set the phone’s geolocation. Often criminals knowing your IMEI number can track your movement, use some paid services, access your personal data.
Our product is a part of an integrated security system for mobile networks. The software allows you to automatically read the current IMEI. There are options for automatic and manual change of IMEI numbers; there are checks for the correctness of the input values.
IMEI change occurs without interference in the operation of the phone and its operating system, and does not affect the performance of the device.

Main Advantages

  • Automatic display of current IMEI.
  • Ability to simultaneously replace the IMEI pair.
  • Automatic IMEI values generation.
  • Simple and convenient application interface.
  • Manual IMEI editing.

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