Безопасность мобильного телефона

Wirecom SafeMob Android - smartphone protection from interception.

Smartphone protection softaware from the active interception systems

Safemob Android – software that is installed on a mobile phone with a working SIM card and the Android operating system. The application monitors the parameters of the current mobile operator, analyzes the received network parameters in order to identify active interception systems.
This product is one of the tools of an integrated protection system in mobile networks, which warns user about the dangers in the cellular networks. This tool can be used both as part of a complete system and autonomously. The main function is to prevent listening to your mobile phones, intercepting private data, disclosing your location using false base stations.
In addition, this software product saves the parameters of the mobile network to the database to create personal filters and settings for detecting attacks on the privacy of information stored on the mobile phone.

Main Advantages:

  • Parameters monitoring of the current mobile operator.
  • The main parameters display of the mobile network on the screen.
  • Preservation of detected threats in the database.
  • Timely user notifications in case of threats in the network.
  • Constant monitoring for all mobile operators.
  • Autorun applications set up and restart in case of software failures.
  • Ability to adjust the frequency of monitoring.

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