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Wirecom SafeMob Desktop - reliable data protection for mobile networks.

Effective and reliable mobile networks protection from active data interception systems. Your mobile gadget security guarantee.

SafeMob Desktop is a hardware and software complex that allows to detect the operation of “fake” base stations (IMSI-catchers), interference in the operation of mobile operators and protection against MiTM attacks that allow you to access the information on your phone. The system determines the threat presence in the mobile cellular network, determines its type and nature.
Nowdays mobile communication has become an integral part of each person life. Many individuals want to access private or corporate information, which is often stored on mobile devices and can be used for criminal purposes. Therefore, we must protect our mobile devices, office spaces, offices and government agencies. Our system helps to protect you from listening to your mobile phones, intercepting private correspondence, avoiding the disclosure of your location by using false base stations.
The configuration of the system may vary depending on the requirements of the buyer. The complex is stationary and is designed to work in an office environment. Additionally, other products can be supplied to protect information, hide personal data and preserve anonymity.

Main system functions:

  • Monitoring and analysis of service parameter values in cellular networks.
  • Determination the work of active systems of traffic interception and collection of identifiers of mobile devices.
  • Identification of the type and nature of the threat that is recognized during system operation.
  • Output and storage of up-to-date information about the current state of cellular networks.
  • Output and storage of detected threats data in mobile networks.
  • Timely user notifications in case of threats detection in mobile networks.
  • Background scanning and monitoring performance of mobile network parameters.

Main Advantages:

  • Simultaneous cellular communications protection of GSM, UMTS and LTE standards.
  • Timely user notifications in case of threats in the network.
  • Constant monitoring for all mobile operators.
  • Identifucation of the type and nature of the existing threat.
  • Automatic work restoration after emergency failures.
  • User advisory recommendations to maintain safety during the event of a work threat of active complex.

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