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The information era was able to transform the world and significantly changed the shape of modern society. Most of activity fields of all mankind after the information revolution are dependent on constantly growing volumes of qualitative, relevant and valuable information. Worldwide ubiquitous informatization has made rapid global communications real, accelerated the progress and development of mankind.

Information has gradually become one of the most important resources, which, unlike other resources, is “indestructible” and can be used many times. This allows transferring the knowledge and development accumulated by mankind from generation to generation, and the use of information resources entails the creation of new resources.

Modern existence cannot be imagined without information technology, which covers all the tools necessary to work with information. Access to information technology can benefit individuals, society and the economy only if people are willing to use these technologies.

Угрозы в информационной сфере, хакерские атаки

The increase of the community leads to a huge number of new threats in the information sphere, which is a by-product of computerization and technological progress. The use of computer facilities poses a number of new challenges to the information security of individual organizations, individuals and entire countries. Threats and crimes in the field of information technologies are widely spread, which give rise to a new type of illegal activity – cybercrime.

Cybercriminals create computer viruses and Trojan programs that are capable of:

  • Obtain codes access and passwords for bank accounts.
  • Steal personal data and private information.
  • Secretly use the resources of a computer infected with malicious computer programs to develop and implement network attacks (DDoS attacks).
  • Spying on victim’s devices.
  • Provide opportunities for remote blackmail and extortion.
  • Destroy complete information systems and enterprises.
  • Conduct targeted or mass information campaigns for criminal propaganda and influence on people’s psyche.
  • Perform terrorist and antisocial tasks in the interests of individuals or groups.

The biggest danger is represented by virus writors who create malicious programs to use them for criminal purposes. Another problem is the choice of the necessary information. Sometimes it gets really frustrating to choose the information you really need among the waves of spam and flood.

Most attacks on large corporations are carried out using information resources and therefore you need to carefully take care of the security.

The main features of modern information technologies are the widespread use of computer preservation and the provision of information in the required form, as well as the transfer of information through digital technologies to virtually unlimited distances. Various data transfer networks are used to ensure the exchange of information. In this regard, a main topic is threats protection in computer and telephone networks.

Mobile phones in the modern world store a huge amount of private and business information – personal data, correspondence, audio files, photos, documents. The value of information circulating in the cellular network leads to its protection against third parties, the so-called infringers of information security.

Due to the large number of network vulnerabilities, Wirecom Enterprise is actively works on developing systems to provide comprehensive security in computer and cellular networks. The product “SafeMob Desktop” is designed to protect against active data interception systems that allow you to have full access to your private conversations, private correspondence, or personal data on your device.

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