Руководитель по защите в сотовых сетях

Artem Konyakin

Co-Founder, General Director

He is a skilled leader and entrepreneur who is the successful owner of several companies. He has an extensive experience in personnel management and profitable strategies planning in business development.
He worked in the state security field where he learned global cyber-analytics technologies for the information environment protection. He actively works on development in the field of innovative technologies, large data sets processing and situational analytics.
He actively works on systems promotion to solve socially important problems, protect individuals and large corporations, and provide security in cellular networks. He participated in the deployment of private cellular networks, systems that provide private communication channels. During this time, he performed such basic tasks as new functionality development, solution architecture development, product modules design, and decisions review developed by other team members.
Additionally during his work, he gives a special attention to the enterprise to provide the required number and qualification of employees. He makes major efforts to attract and retain highly professional workers.

Work experience

  • Successful use of investments.
  • Real skills of creating successful organizations and enterprises.
  • Worked on large-scale projects as part of large teams.
  • Skills in the field of state security.
  • Experience in using and working on systems for cyber analytics.

Personal Skills


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Phone number:
+38 (096) 540-72-74